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Vincere Vel Mori: Clan MacDowall Newsletter


Welcome to all the participants in our free Clan MacDowall Newsletter.


This newsletter has news from the Chief of Name and Arms of MacDowall, Prof. Fergus D.H. Macdowall, as well as clan stories; raising the bar on family heritage, knowing who we are, and insuring our future. We will learn of MacDowall places and visit MacDowall/McDowell families of the world. We also feature news and events about MacDowalls today. Our Newsletter is entitled “Vincere Vel Mori”: The Clan Motto, meaning Victory or Death. 


- Editor: Charlotte McDowell Baker 


To receive issues of the Clan MacDowall Newsletter please contact the editor Charlotte McDowell Baker at the email:

Clan MacDowall Flag

Source: Photo courtesy of Keith Place, CMSNA Georgia State Rep

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