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The Clan of the MacDowalls of Galloway



Origin of the Surname


The surname MacDowall and its variations are Anglicised forms of the Gaelic Mac Dubhghaill, meaning "son of Dubhghall". The Gaelic personal name Dubhghall means "dark stranger".





Prof. Fergus Day Hort Macdowall is Chief of the Name and Arms of MacDowall, feudal baron of Garthland and next heir-male of Prince Fergus Lord of Galloway. Prince Fergus was the grandfather-in-law of King Somerled of Argyll and the Isles, the patriarch of the MacDougalls of Argyll et al., who were not otherwise intermarried with MacDowalls. 



Branches and Extended Names


The Family name was derived as “Macdougall” from Prince Fergus’ grandson, Duegald, second son of Uchtred Lord of Galloway.  The Galloway name of “Macdougall” was transliterated to “Macdowyl” in July 1292 under Edward I of England and MacDowall has persisted over the eight centuries since with many (about 76) variations.


Today the names and spellings with or without the Mac, Mc, or M’ prefix within the MacDowall Kindred include many spelling variations of the surname including McDowell, MacDowel, Macdowal, MacDowyl, McDuyl, Macdoual, McDouall, M’Douall, MacDool, McDoll, Makdougal, and Macdougall (the original ancient name of the MacDowalls) etc. 


Other names within the MacDowalls include Dowall, Dugal, Dugle, Duwall, Duvall, M’Gowall, Wall, Wahl, etc.  and also Doyle, and O’Dowill. 


The Britonic Kyles with Coull, McCoul, Coyle, Cole, and Dole are accepted territorially.


These and many other variant name spellings are all considered part of the Kindred of MacDowall. 


MacDowalls (however spelt) are recognized as a clan by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.  



Source: Macdowall, F.D.H., & MacDougald, S.A. (2010). The Clan of the MacDowalls of Galloway.

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