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Clan MacDowall Tartans


Clansmen may officially wear any of the following tartans:


  • MacDowall;

  • Galloway Hunting;

  • Hunting Stewart; and

  • MacDougall


The Clan MacDowall Tartan

The tartan of Clan MacDowall of ancient Galloway was designed by the Chief who registered it with the Scottish Tartans Authority in 2007. The overlays and colors conform to the plain Arms of ancient Galloway carried by the Chief. In it, the gold-crowned white lion symbolically romps on the shore of the blue Irish Sea that surrounds the Rhinns of Galloway. The clan’s plant badge of oak sprig is represented by the crossing green bands with white over strips to symbolize the widespread family.

MacDowall of ancient Galloway tartan

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MacDowall Tartan

Source: Macdowall, F.D.H. (2007). MacDowall of ancient Galloway tartan.

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