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Clan MacDowall Links



Clan MacDowall: Wikipedia

Clan MacDowall on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a free content encyclopedia that

is openly editable. 


Link: Clan MacDowall Wikipedia



McDowell/MacDowall DNA Project

History Unearthed. Explore your ancestry with Family Tree DNA. 


Link: The McDowell/MacDowall DNA Project



Clan MacDowall: Facebook

Join Clan MacDowall on Facebook! Post pictures, network, join the conversation,

or just show your support and 'like' us! 


Link: Clan MacDowall Facebook



The MacDowell Pipe Band

The MacDowell Pipe Band commemorates Professor William Macdowell

(1590-1666) of Stodrig. Located in Hoogkerk, Groningen, Netherlands, the

MacDowell Pipe Band is lead by Pipe Major Benne P. de Jong.


Link: The MacDowell Pipe Band


Link: Pipe Major Benne P. de Jong's YouTube Channel



Clan MacDowall Music

Learn a bit about music associated with Clan MacDowall


Link: Clan MacDowall Music



Clan MacDowall: Gifts and Merchandise

Everything Clan MacDowall and McDowell. Products range from fridge magnets 

to t-shirts to holiday ornaments. Take a look around! All proceeds go to funding

this site!


Link: Clan MacDowall Gifts
















MacDowalls on Facebook

Photo of a Highland Games event posted on Facebook

(Click Photo to visit Facebook Page)

Clan MacDowall Products

The MacDowell Pipe Band

of Hoogkerk, Netherlands

(Click Photo to Play Video)

Clan MacDowall and McDowell Gifts

(Click Photo to visit Store)

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