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Clan MacDowall Profile


Clan Chief 

The chief of the Clan MacDowall is Prof. Fergus Day Hort Macdowall of Garthland, Chief of the Name and Arms of MacDowall.




Chiefly Arms 

The chief's coat of arms is blazoned: azure, a lion rampant argent crowned of a ducal coronet; Supporters: (on a compartment consisting of rocks with plant badge, issuing from the sea proper) two lions rampant, each gorged of an antique crown; Crest: (issuant from a crest coronet) a lion's paw erased and erected proper holding a dagger point upwards proper, hilted and pommelled; Motto: vincere vel mori. The chief's heraldic standard is blazoned: azure, a St Andrew's Cross argent in the hoist and of two tracts azure and argent, upon which is depicted the badge three times along with the motto "vincere vel mori" in letters azure upon two transverse bands. These personal arms may not be used by others.









Clan Member's Crest Badge

The crest badge is suitable for all members of the clan and contains the chief's heraldic crest

and motto. The crest is: (issuant from a crest coronet) A lion's paw erased and erected proper

holding a dagger point upwards proper, hilted and pommelled.



Clan Plant Badge 

The Clan Plant Badge is a Sprig of Oak. Stated in the Extract of Matriculation of the Chiefly Arms,

sprig of oak appears in the rocky compartment at the base. A sprig from an oak tree can be worn

on headgear, the Glengarry cap or Balmoral, or even on a lapel, dress or sash; all instead of the

clan broach, and it identifies the Family (Clan).



Clan Motto 

Vincere Vel Mori. The motto translates from Latin as "to conquer or die" ("victory or death").



Clan Tartan 

Clansmen may officially wear any of the following tartans:


  • MacDowall;

  • Galloway Hunting;

  • Hunting Stewart; and

  • MacDougall


MacDowall Clan Chief's Coat of Arms
Clan Macdowall Crest
MacDowall of ancient Galloway tartan

MacDowall Tartan

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Crest Badge of  MacDowall Clansmen

Personal Coat of Arms of  Chief of the MacDowalls

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